Est. 2023

The Dragon's Sandbox

An immersive tabletop gaming experience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
About Dragon's Sandbox

A Guided Journey

Designed for both novices and experts alike, Dragon's Sandbox elevates the tabletop role-playing experience.

The Dragon’s Sandbox is an immersive, guided tabletop roleplaying experience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mission is to provide adventurers with a simplified tabletop role-playing game experience in a highly professional, comfortable setting. Adventurers will experience role playing through social interaction, exploration, and combat using simplified rules, a narrower scope of the tabletop role-playing universe, private or semi-private rooms, and paid Game Masters.

Currently we offer scheduled events for players using a couple different venues around the Milwaukee metro area. The Chef’s Table in Walker’s Point is used for our adult (21 years old +) sessions and North Ave Market for our kid friendly (12 years old +) sessions.

Contact us about our private events where we bring the adventure to you. Great for birthday parties or just fun get togethers with family and friends.

We provide everything you need for adventuring fun!

Game Masters

Each table is guided by an experienced dungeon or game master

From Novices to Experts

All are welcome and quests are designed to accommodate all skill levels

A Hosted Experience

Hosted at some wonderful venues in the Milwaukee area, providing players with a comfortable and immersive experience

Perfect for Groups

Whether you are a lone traveler or a group of adventurers, The Dragon's Sandbox can accommodate groups of all sizes

Adventure Awaits...

Upcoming Sessions

July 23 - D&D

July 27- D&D

Aug 6 - D&D

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Interested in Being A Dungeon Master?

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